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Обращение Американской лиги лоббистов

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Журнал о лоббизме и Government Relations Lobbying.ru публикует Обращение Brian T. Pallasch президента Американской лиги лоббистов своим членам, а также ряд статей (в приложении) на данную тему.

IN response to the continuing attacks by the presidential candidates on the profession of lobbying, the leadership of the American League of Lobbyists has decided to take steps to better educate the public about the role of lobbyists in the public policy arena.

At a special-call meeting on August 13, the board voted: (1) to retain a public relations/crisis management firm to craft and distribute Op Ed pieces during the political conventions; (2) that the task force organize a meeting with other, outside organizations to explore the possibility of an ongoing coalition; and (3) to host a town hall meeting in conjunction with the annual meeting to provide a national forum to explore the role and rights of lobbyists in the government process.

After considering submissions from half a dozen firms, the task force recommended and the board approved hiring Butler Associates to generate and distribute opinion pieces on our behalf.  That process was begun in time to send out press statements during the Democratic convention.  It will continue this week, with both print media and radio/tv outlets.  At the end of the first month, the board will evaluate the results of this effort and decide whether or not to continue.

Three versions of our message are attached for your review and consideration.  We encourage you to put them to use as much as possible - distribution within your organization to individuals unfamiliar with lobbying, reprinting in organizational newsletters as editorials, inclusion in whole or in part for presentations on lobbying.  We are also looking for individuals with strong ties to towns and cities outside the D.C. metropolitan area for possible submission to local newspapers.

While changing the public perception of lobbyists as "black hats" is a daunting task, it is not a challenge that we can ignore.  If all lobbyists don't defend the right to speak out on behalf of our organizations or clients, that right will slowly be whittled away to nothing.  Please join us in defending the profession.  We particularly ask that you let us know if you might be willing to serve as the point person for submitting an editorial to your home town paper.

Additional information is available at our website - http://www.alldc.org.  for questions or comments, contact patti jo baber by reply email or by phone at 703-960-3011. 

thank you for your time and attention.

brian t. pallasch
american league of lobbyists president

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